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The Next Generation Platform for IT Automation, bringing Simplicity, Agility, Visibility and Control to your Digital Business Processes


Rundeck Pro is an enhanced, enterprise-ready distribution of the popular open-source Rundeck, which is one of the most widely-deployed IT process automation platforms in the world. With Rundeck Pro you can:


Built for Self-Service

Rundeck enables Operations teams to safely delegate and extend control to people within or outside the traditional boundaries of Operations

Built for the Enterprise

Rundeck is designed to let you work at the speed of a start-up while meeting the security, scale, and compliance needs of an enterprise

Built for the Cloud

Rundeck knows the details of your dynamic infrastructure -- wherever it may be -- cloud, virtual, or physical servers

Built for DevOps

Rundeck is ready for the source-driven and API-favored style of working that is popular as companies move to a collaborative "DevOps" model

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Standalone Instance

Active/Passive Pair
Active/Active Cluster
Linux or Windows
Fine Grain Access Controls
Logging ⁄ Audit Trail
Job Scheduler
Orchestrate Actions On Any target OS
Professional Support
Enterprise Ready
PRO Plugins
Advanced Workflow Capabilities
Replication and Failover to Standby
Multi-Node Cluster
Centralized Log Store



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Rundeck Pro Pricing

Rundeck Pro is offered as a subscription download. Your subscription comes complete with access to all upgrades to newer versions of Rundeck Pro and professional support from SimplifyOps, the company that employs the majority of the core Rundeck developers.

Rundeck Pro Team $8,000 per year (first instance)
$5,000 per year (additional instances)
Rundeck Pro DR or Cluster Contact us for options


Stephanie Fohn

Stephanie Fohn

President and CEO


Stephanie Fohn, President and CEO, is responsible for driving business strategy and execution for the company. Prior to SimplifyOps, Stephanie was CEO of Remotium, the innovation leader in virtual mobility. She took the helm in late 2014, and in less than a year achieved a successful exit for the company through an acquisition by Avast Software. Prior to Remotium, Stephanie was president and CEO of WhiteHat Security, the industry’s first provider of application security testing in the cloud. She led the company through a period of exceptional growth and market domination, expanding from eight employees to over 300. Stephanie has also held senior management roles at SecurityFocus, Tripwire, and Pilot Network Services. She holds an M.S. degree in management from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and bachelor's degrees in business and psychology from the University of Washington.

Alex Honor

Alex Honor

Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer


Alex Honor, co-founder and CTO, leads product development and technology strategy for SimplifyOps and the Rundeck project with the goal of making operations simpler and easier. Prior to SimplifyOps, he co-founded DTO Solutions, a DevOps and automation engineering consultancy. During 6 years at DTO, Alex helped build and design fully automated provisioning systems for some of the fastest growing startups and largest enterprises. Before DTO, Alex both led architecture and operations at E*TRADE during its explosive growth. Alex has more than 20 years experience as a systems administrator, systems architect, software developer and technology manager.

Damon Edwards

Damon Edwards

Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer


Damon Edwards, co-founder and CPO, is focused on customer interaction, as well as growing and supporting our user communities. Prior to SimplifyOps, Damon co-founded DTO Solutions, a DevOps and automation engineering consultancy whose clients include leading SaaS, e-commerce, gaming, and financial services companies. Damon has spent over 14 years working on both the technology and business ends of IT operations. Damon is also a frequent conference speaker and writer who focuses on DevOps and operations improvement topics. Damon is active in the international DevOps community, including launching the DevOps Days conference series in the US, content committee for IT Revolution's DevOps Enterprise Summit, and co-hosting the DevOps Cafe podcast.


Greg Schueler

Co-Founder and Development Lead


Greg Schueler, co-founder of SimplifyOps, is the development lead for both the Rundeck Pro product line and Rundeck project. Greg has over 12 years of experience in software development and consulting, building tools and automation solutions. Prior to SimplifyOps, Greg was a senior developer and consultant for DTO Solutions, a DevOps and automation engineering consultancy whose clients include leading SaaS, e-commerce, gaming, and financial services companies.

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